Bell’s customer service becomes self evident

by norith on September 15, 2008

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I just received an email notification of my Bell e-bill and noticed that its branding was still from the previous version.

Bell ebill

Bell has recently undergone a total rebranding; at a minimum as a desperate attempt to convince their market that they’re not the same company that has only been capable of losing money for the last 10 years. Perhaps employing talking rodents has its downside after all.

Their new branding is a much needed improvement though their current ad campaign of “er” is meaningless but quirky.

Of course being the good customer that I am, I took the e-bill at it’s face value and decided to give it more than the 1.3 seconds I usually would. What could Bell have have in store for me that would make my life better?

Well, apparently nothing. Almost none of the links on the e-bill notification actually work because they take you to pages on their old site from before the rebranding. Pages that don’t exist anymore.


I’m glad that their monthly email communication with me, one that I might actually have a reason to read has value to them. Perhaps marketing really is all about undermining customer touch points.

From their error landing page, I navigated around a bit to see if I could find what I was actually looking for. I never did, but I stumbled upon their new Samsung Instinct micro-site.

Can this phone compete with the iPhone? Let’s see what Bell has to say about that. Since I’m interested in mobile email, I went to that section and noticed that Bell actually does have something in-store for me:

More foreshadowing seems unnecessary. Thrasher

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